Branding and Marketing Strategy

Imbue is all about your success and can help you reach your goals by building your brand, positioning you in the marketplace, and delivering your message, at the right time, through the right channel. We can develop integrated marketing and media plans and strategies specific to your organization — blueprints for you to reach your target market. We are a full-service design, marketing, and advertising agency that provides marketing consulting services and complete support for the execution of your media and marketing plans.

Imbue is always committed to your brand and to making it the best it can be. We know your brand is more than a logo, a jingle, a slogan. It’s the heart of your organization. It’s how others think of you and how you distinguish and identify your business. It’s your foundation. It’s where you stand with your competitors. It’s how your customers know you. It’s how we’ll help you build your business. We’ll develop strategies for growth and prepare a plan that matches your aspirations and desires­—and produces the advantages and competitive edge you need.

Imbue has an array services that work to position your company as the only solution among the possibilities offered by an ever-growing competitive environment:

  • Brand design, identity, and strategy
  • Branding campaigns
  • Concept development
  • Copywriting
  • Corporate collateral systems
  • Corporate identity package (cards, letterhead, envelopes)
  • Key messaging
  • Logo design
  • Marketing and creative strategy
  • Marketing consulting (and power sessions)
  • Marketing plans
  • Market research
  • Media plans
  • Media strategy
  • Naming
  • New product launch strategy
  • Tagline and slogan development
  • Website strategy

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